mutt query gmail

mutt’s query_command is nice. And using gmail to archive all my mail is nice too. Managing mutt’s address book (flat text file) is somewhat annoying though.

Wouldn’t it be better if mutt could use gmail as an address book? Yeah, I thought so too.

To make this all work, you’ll need 2 things. The following instructions assume you know how to download and patch stuff.

First, download and install libgmail. Verify it works.

Then, stick the mutt_gmail_search script somewhere in your $PATH.

You will need to add the following to your .muttrc:

set query_command="mutt_gmail_search '%s'"

Now you can continue to use mutt as a front-end, gmail as your archiving back-end, and avoid having to manage your mutt address book. Enjoy!

edit: on 26 March 2008 — no longer need my patch against libgmail as it’s been accepted upstream; moved mutt_gmail_search to git repo