best tool for the lazy photographer i love

I’ve not had much motivation to write here lately, not sure why. Some combination of lack of emotional bandwidth, overhead using (and maintaining) a “heavyweight” piece of software like WordPress, and just general focus on living life rather than documenting every last piece of it.

xmas in Vegas

To that extent, I’ve been pretty pleased with Google Stories, a surely underpublicized piece of technology out there.

climbing in Potrero

It’s pretty brilliant. You download the G+ app Google Photos app (edit 2 June 2015) to your phone and set it to autobackup. I turn off full-size backups so that all the storage is free. Google Photos “high quality backups” are more than sufficient for most phone photos. (edit 2 June 2015)

IMG_1676 IMG_1677

And that’s it.

riding the Delta Loop

Photos upload automatically in the background, a few days later, you get an email saying your story is ready.

climbing Snake Dike!

Perfect for the lazy photog.

Memorial Day at Smith Rocks

ruhlman’s soup

It’s really getting to be a bit hot out to be eating soup. Especially something as hearty as french onion.

But I had about $0.30 of stale bread lying around and hated the idea of throwing it out. Caroline wanted to convert it into croutons, but I already had emmentaler fairies swirling in my dreams…

Caramelizing onions smell amazing. Joey said that if he ever gets rich, he’s going to have a guy in his house whose only job it is to caramelize onions and garlic all day. Can’t say he’s wrong.

Water, onions, stale bread, emmentaler, butter.

roaming in recoleta and uruguay

It’s only an hour’s boat ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay. On Sundays, when everything shuts down in BA anyway, popping over to Colonia for a lazy afternoon is the perfect way to idyll away one of the last days of summer.

The street signs are beautifully painted tiles, there’s a lighthouse, and it’s a UNESCO site. What else could one want?

Colonia photo album

Some midweek shennanigans were had as I taught my mom how to use G+ chat.

And yesterday, we wandered around my neighborhood, taking in the sights, and of course, eating ice cream.

Recoleta album

The Koltsanos left for Salta today, an event that makes me sad. They really made slipping into the expat transition worlds easier and of course they’re just superfun folks. After Salta, they’re headed to Bolivia, and I hope Jeneral will be able to find the parasite she’s been longing for to help her drop the extra kilos she mysteriously picked up along the way.

Happy Monday.