dotty meerkat


A while ago, Mark blogged about the new Ubuntu branding effort that was introduced in Lucid and will continue to be carried forward for future releases.


On the consumer/enterprise spectrum, we took inspiration from the aerospace industry, and identified a texture of closely spaced dots. When you see more of that, it means we’re signalling that the story is more about the enterprise, less of that, and it’s more about the consumer. Of course, there are cross-overs, for example when we are talking about the corporate desktop, where we’ll use that closely space dot texture as a boundary area, or separator.

And on the end-user / engineer spectrum, we took inspiration from graph paper and engineering blue prints. When you see widely spaced patterns of dots, or outline images and figures, that’s signalling that the content is more engineering-oriented than end-user oriented.

Note how there’s no mention of what a bunch of randomly-sized dots means… What could this be?


Forsooth! A meerkat!

forsooth, a meerkat!

arrive belgium

delirium tremens
an appropriate start to the week

Made it to BRU with a minimal amount of fuss.

Well, it was minimal if you don’t count the 24 hour layover in Chicago due to my inbound flight from DEN getting delayed for malarky, making me miss the single flight to BRU that United fly per day, but allowed me to hook up with my friends Mr. and Mrs. Team G and their newborn who does not talk at all and their 3 year old who talks enough to cover their entire neighborhood. Eating any pizza not from Colorado and waging wanton destruction upon landscaping with a Sawz-all is certainly a formula for fun.

The next day’s outbound flight was delayed, in fact, by Eyjafllallalllabjorkbjorksporkjallajokull, but not too badly. So I consider that a success.

Google Maps walking directions beta isn’t afraid to send you down hiking paths.

Speaking of trekking, the Hotel Dolce here in La Hulpe has the world’s longest driveway.

Maybe I’m getting older and surlier, but trying to learn Flemish didn’t even cross my mind. I just want everyone to speak English. There, I said it.

By the way, all this talk of terrifying ash, oil spills, and the like reminds me of Don Delillo’s White Noise. If you haven’t read it, you really need to.

I should have drank more at home to prep.

This is gonna be a good conference.