a week at angaza


It’s been an exciting first week at Angaza, ramping up and getting to know my new team.

Things move fast here. Not only am I trying to internalize a new set of business partners, product lines, roadmaps, and metrics, but of course the new code base as well.

Speaking of which, I’ve already pushed code to production twice this week, with my first deploy on Wednesday. Not quite as fast as Facebook, who famously have their new engineers deploy on day 1, but for us, day 3 surely ain’t bad.

And after multiple mind-melds with the team, I’m even more excited than ever about our mission to bring energy independence to those most in need.

Finally, the icing (or perhaps more accurately, the home made thousand island dressing) on top is the amazingly delicious food provided by Hattery.

Happy Platypus Friday!