seriously, vmware?

In my inbox tonight:

Hi Alex,

My name is Tony XXXX, I’m a recruiter at VMware. I know this message may seem out of the blue, but I came across your profile on LinkedIn and I wanted to reach out and see if you were open to new opportunities right now? VMware has openings for Kernel Developers on our ESXi VMKernel team. This position will have the option of sitting in either Palo Alto, CA or Bellevue, WA. I wanted to ask if this is an opportunity you would be interested in exploring and If so, can I send you some additional details?

Please let me know either way so I can update my records. Please also include a copy of your CV if you are interested in moving forward. Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Candidate Development Recruiter

My reply in its entirety:

Good luck, and please do feel free to escalate up your management chain that finding good kernel developers to work on a product that is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit violating our principles may be difficult.