Ubuntu on Nexus 7, weekly report

Week ending 16 November 2012


  • New kernel has been uploaded to raring archive. Now we’re just waiting on a fix for nux to land before everyone can dist-upgrade to raring. Look for an announcement soon. Thanks to Jani Monoses for doing the heavy lifting here and the Ubuntu kernel team for taking care of the last mile.
  • New benchmarking packages — ubuntu-benchmarking-tools and ubuntu-remote-debug-host-tools — uploaded to raring. Once your Nexus 7 is on raring, you’ll be able to install these convenient metapackages and help us start Ubuntu Pilates! Well done, Chris Wayne!
  • A juju pbuilder charm has been submitted to the charm store. Once this is accepted, developers will be able to easily build ARM packages in the cloud. Thanks Scott Sweeny.
  • Performance optimizations are already landing. Our onscreen keyboard, onboard, recently reduced its startup time from 45 seconds down to 6 seconds. Check out all the gory details in the bug, and big thanks to marmuta and Francesco Fumanti!
  • We had our first weekly status meeting in #ubuntu-meeting. Come back every week for more.

Worst 5 Bugs

Upcoming Plans

  • We are working with Platform QA on creating a set of guidelines and tools for the community to help us start benchmarking memory consumption and usage. Expect an announcement around 23 November.
  • Converting our FAQ to a more friendly and community maintainable AskUbuntu format.

Grab Bag
Brave souls can try upgrading to raring today with this apt-pinning recipe. Create the following file /etc/apt/preferences.d/ubuntu-nexus7-ppa and add the contents below. Thanks to Colin Watson for the tidbit.

Package: *
Pin: release o=LP-PPA-ubuntu-nexus7
Pin-Priority: 600