sbuild vs pbuild

Today I spent a little bit of time playing with sbuild and after an hour or so, decided I hated it. Tried to figure out why people recommend it, and it seems like the best answer is, “it’s the closest to what the buildds use”. I guess that’s a fair answer, but out of the box, sbuild feels clunky to me.

Luckily, Michael Terry is jawesome and wrote these really great pbuilder wrapper scripts and now they’ve landed in Quantal.

If you want to know why I ♥ them so, check out my contra answer on askubuntu:

Why use sbuild over pbuilder?

And if you want to speed up your pbuilder even moAR, then check out PbuilderHowto.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing so if you have tips or corrections, add them over there. If you see mterry out somewhere, buy him a beer!