fortlandia beer tour

In response to a friend’s request for recommendation of a beer and bike filled day in Ft. Collins, here’s what I’d consider reasonable and doable in a day. The breweries are laid out roughly from east to west with minimal backtracking. You’ll need to do this on a weekday or Saturday; most of the places are closed on Sunday.

  1. Funkwerks – they specialize in Belgium saisons, amazing for a small town
  2. Ft. Collins Brewery – decent, not my favorite, but Gravity 1020 has actually quite nice food, which will fuel you for the rest of the day
  3. O’Dell Brewing Company – best beer in town, hands down. Get a pilot tray, which has more exotic beers than are typically available outside of town. Then get the beers that aren’t on the pilot tray.
  4. New Belgium Brewing – the mothership. Always overcrowded, and I’m “meh” on their beers, but you have to make a stop; it’d be sacrilege not to
  5. Pateros Creek – perhaps the worst brewery in town, which is a shame, because in any other town, the beer would be considered quite good.
  6. Equinox Brewing – decent. Get a local cheese plate here (Mouco cheese) to stop some of the drunken stumblies
  7. Forge Publick House – the first non-brewery on this list; nice selection of California beers on tap, just stop in for a quick one and move on (cash only)

Now it’s time for a meal. Go to Moe’s BBQ, everything on the menu is delicious. Or if you’re in the mood for Mexican, La Luz has excellent shrimp tacos, and everything else is good too. You could try a potato + carnitas burrito. Some of the best guac in town too.

Continuing on…

  1. Tap and Handle – another non-brewery, another good selection of Colorado and California beers. I’d recommend just a quick pint here…
  2. The Mayor of Old Town – final stop, largest selection of beers in town. Close your night out here, they’ve got food too.

And finally, if you need some late night drunken filthy food: the Taste of Philly has the best cheesesteaks I’ve eaten west of Philly (make sure you get them with cheez whiz) or alternatively, the gyro guy on the corner of College and Mountain (get a double meat gyro for maximal pleasure) or Big Al’s Burgers and Fries (the thing to get there is the double 60/40 burger, and be sure to upgrade to the truffle fries).