improved support for vodafone usb modems in ubuntu precise

san francisco santacon, 2011

I’m happy to announce that a few packages I’ve been working on over the past year have finally landed in Ubuntu Precise[1].

If you have a 3G USB modem, and it currently doesn’t work well (or at all) in Debian or Ubuntu, you should check this list of modems[2]. If it listed, then you may be a candidate to try an alternative 3G networking stack.

$ sudo apt-get install wader-core

This command will remove ModemManager and install wader-core. It should be an entirely transparent operation to you, except that after you reboot, your modem should appear as a connection option in the network manager applet.


1: naturally, I was a good boy and uploaded the packages to Debian unstable first
2: this list is predominantly composed of Vodafone-branded modems, but there are others in there as well.

Thanks to the Debian python team for mentoring me and to Al Stone and dann frazier for even more mentoring in addition to sponsoring me.