2^H3000 pushups

We here at Canonical have been put on notice by our CEO Jane Silber to do 2000 pushups (individual, cumulative) for the month of October.

It’s been nearly 3 years [since the last challenge], and I think everyone should have recovered from that by now. Which means it’s time to do it again. Therefore I’m designating October 2010 as the month for the second tri-annual [2000] Push Up Challenge. I am already envisioning all of the UDS participants doing them between sessions.

One of the lovely quirks of working for a small company.

Of course, I’m in. And although you need to average 66 pushups a day to hit the challenge, 100 a day isn’t really that hard. So I’m going for 3000.

Feel free to play along at home.

3 thoughts on “2^H3000 pushups

    • Sure, I’ll give out prizes.

      For everyone who completes 2000 pushups, I’ll loan $25 to the Kiva entrepreneur of your choice.

      If you complete 3000 pushups, I’ll loan $40

  1. tpot says:

    Heh. What a great idea, especially for a geek company. Will we be able to pick Canonical employees out of a crowd at a conference? They will be the ones with super upper body strength.

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