around the web

I feel like I’m behind in every aspect of my life.

Here are some links I’ve been sitting on that I’ve meant to share…

Colleague Dustin Kirkland came to Colorado as part of his Great American Roadtrip and Canonical Colorado office met up with Dustin at Oskar Blues in Lyons.

I actually got back on the rocks for the first time in a long time, climbing Osiris (5.7***) at Lumpy Ridge. I had a minor disaster at the end of the day when I slipped on a pile of pine needles and dislocated my left shoulder. The initial soreness is gone, but it’s still not back to 100%.

Nehal posted some of his photos from Tanzania.

Devin got a story published a while ago: The Linkage of Bone in the Missouri Review. I took that photo of him in Nebraska with an ancient point and shoot, having him basically stick his head out his house window while having Becca hold a piece of posterboard at his nipples.

Finally, I instituted a new photo policy: I’ll make free 4×6 prints of my photos, for anyone who asks, no strings attached; just email me. It’s in the spirit of Seth Godin’s Linchpin.

One day, I’ll feel caught up.