jambo, ulimwengu!

grazing pumbaa, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


This is just a quick test to ensure that my blog is getting picked up correctly by http://voices.canonical.com/. And what better way to say hello than with a photo of Canonical’s totem animal?

[I took this shot on safari about a month ago. You can see the prominent warthog kneeling (?) on its forelegs, which is their eating position. I saw a lot of static warthogs grazing this way and I saw a lot of dynamic warthogs running away from our truck, so I just assumed that they walked normally, and when they wanted to eat, they would kneel down, after which, when finished eating, they would stand back up and walk to their next feeding spot. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they’ll actually shuffle around, rumps in the air and forelegs in the dirt, for distances further than you might imagine. Quite hilarious, at least if your brain has been cooking for several days in the sweltering sub-Saharan sun.]

In any case, I promise actual technical/Canonical content next time.