block meebo bar

For some insane reason, Slate decided to add something horrible called “meebo” to every web page.

Here’s how you block and hide it using the Adblock extension with Google Chrome.

Manually edit your filter and add these lines:

The first line prevents you from downloading content from the meebo website, but sadly, it’s insufficient to hide their obnoxious bar.

The second line hides this latest piece of web dog poo.

19 thoughts on “block meebo bar

  1. Olaf Olafson says:

    Yes, let’s spread the word on how to do this.

    By the way, meebo has a variety of domain sites (www1, etc.), so the most effective way to write the first line is this:


    – that blocks all the variants of their domain name that still contain the accursed word “”

    Dog poo, indeed.

  2. imutau says:

    I got this to work in Chrome using the AdBlock app and the below instructions:

    - AdBlock Options
    - BlackList Tab
    - click the “Block an ad by its URL” link
    - In the box “Block URLs containing this text” enter the text they referenced:


    - In the “$domain=” enter an * if it isn’t there already
    - Then click the “Block it!” button
    - Under the “Exclude Sites” tab enter “” (no quotes) and save that page using the “Add” button.

    Thanks Alex and Olaf!

  3. I use AdBlock Plus on Firefox; I was able to block Meebo entirely just by going into its preferences (from the “ABP” menu icon in the lower-right corner of the browser frame), selecting “Preferences…”, clicking “Add filter…” and entering


    then clicking OK. Didn’t need the HTTP prefix, and wow, is it nice to live without Meebo.

    What I do not understand is how any web administrator could be suckered into using it in the first place. It’s like Flash – it’s everywhere, and it’s worthless.

  4. someone says:

    As the poster “Nobody” points out above, you also want to block *, since that’s where they’re serving the scripts from. I find that just blocking that domain is enough (no CSS rules required) for the websites I was visiting. Thanks!

  5. Lisa says:

    I do not have the meebo bar popping up with the firefox browser but I use google chrome for the most part and have it set as my default browser. As of yesterday the meebo toolbar appeared and I have not downloaded and/or installed anything new. I tried going to the extensions section and there is nothing listed there that it was installed which is why I started doing some more research in hopes of finding a solution. I am running the current version of google chrome and I have ADP 2.5.31 jnstalled on the pc. I tried to find the preferences option when clicking on the ADP icon but there is none. I also tried finding a Black List tab in AdBlock and could not find that either so I am not sure how I am supposed to add the text stated above. Any assistance would be so very much appreciated.

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