two weeks in a carry-on


neopolitan packing

ready, freddie

As is my tradition before leaving on a long international trip, I’m up too late blogging instead of doing other, more reasonable things, like sleeping. But at least I’m mostly done packing.

I’m excited by two new innovations on this trip. First is the REI self-stowing Zip daypack, which is rather self-explanatory. In it’s self-stowed form, it’s approximately exactly sized between the Chico Daypack20 and the Patagonia Lightweight Travel Pack which we talked about in a previous episode.

The second is the Eagle Creek compression vacuum bag. With it, I was able to compress down two weeks worth of clothing so that it only occupies about 40% of my beloved Patagonia MLC. I’m quite impressed by the Eagle Creek, although it was slightly annoying trying to get all the air out with my clothes in the traveller-savvy roll-up format (vs the standard-but-inefficient folded-flat style).

As you can see the other 60% of the bag is literally camera gear. Yowza.

I’m quite pleased with the packing job. The bag is still actually pretty light, and doesn’t feel like it’s bulging out at all. And that’s even after putting a rather non-compressible jacket in there.

Click on the photos above to get the full inventory as told via photo notes.

The shuttle comes in about 8 hours and 3 connections and 4 airports later, I’ll be landing in Dar Es Salaam, inshallah.

Catch y’all on the flip side!