average adult weight?

I’ve recently switched from fish oil to krill oil for several reasons, all of which can be found on Michael Eades’s Protein Power blog post Why krill oil?.

The summary is that it’s much more potent than fish oil because the good omega-3 fatty acids it contains are the same shape as the fats in your cell walls, and thus much more absorbable.

Think of a round peg going into a round hole, vs. fish oil, which is a square peg whose shape has to be changed to fit into the round hole.

Read the whole article. He describes more of the benefits, including lowering LDL, increasing HDL, reducing pain, and in a nice bonus for the ladies (and their significant others, I suppose), reduces effects of PMS.

The one thing that Eades doesn’t mention is that krill are at the bottom of the food chain compared to top level predators like salmon, cod, etc. that we harvest for fish oil. Not only is it more eco-friendly to harvest from the bottom of the food chain, but you get a side benefit that krill do not accumulate toxins such as mercury the way that the big fish do. Although the fish oil producers claim to filter or distill their product to eliminate toxins, it seems better to not have to do that step at all.

Which leads me to this 2008 NYT article about scary amounts of mercury in bluefin tuna at NYC sushi restaurants. Good, scary article; go read it, not too long, but the summary is that eating more than 6 pieces of tuna sushi per week might turn out to be a real — not theoretical — danger.

The most surprising fact in the article must have come from the NYT’s department of meaningless statistics:

Six pieces of sushi from most of the restaurants and stores would contain more than 49 micrograms of mercury. That is the amount the Environmental Protection Agency deems acceptable for weekly consumption over a period of several months by an adult of average weight, which the agency defines as 154 pounds.

At first, I was surprised that the average adult weight is 154 lbs. but then I realized that the number must include both genders. Which seems like a useless way to think of a population, since that number will be equally misrepresentative for both males and females (too low for males, too high for females). Oh well.

In other news, following a mostly strict paleo diet since mid-January has seen me steadily lose weight, about a pound per week, and I now weigh as much as the average adult.