10mm of barcelona

contrasting waves

Not my favourite shot; the b&w treatment was a crutch to try and distract you from the poor lighting and unfocused composition. Left it uncropped on purpose to demonstrate how not to fill a frame. Also, I need some adult diapers to handle all that blowout.

mano de oro brick facade

Actually, neither of these were taken with the 10-22. But I wanted to do Barcelona architecture… oh well.


I like the depth of this photo, but it’s otherwise pretty boring.

cinco de barco

Deliberate distortion effects. Again, not my best composition, but was just trying to get a feel for what the new lens can do.

Shooting with the 10-22 is as challenging as advertised. It’s been quite tricky to compose with and coaxing art out of it isn’t quite the walk in the park that I’d originally imagined. Part of the problem is that I’m trying to treat it as a more limited version of my main workhorse lens (17-55 F/2.8) which has a bigger range and is almost twice as fast. Of course, trying to use the 10-22 in this manner is missing the point completely.

I need to think wider.

In the meantime, expect a bunch more lousy “my first SLR” photos. Sorry for the future eye-stabbings.