there, i fixed it

tire lever?

Decided to ride my roadie to work yesterday and I flatted on the way home.

No problem; one tends to be prepared for these things on a roadie. Opened my saddle bag to grab the spare tube (check), compressed air (check), and tire lever (whaaa?). Oh drat, I took the lever out the other day to fix a different flat and forgot to put it back. Sigh.

But hey, I just finished reading Jared Diamond’s The Third Chimpanzee and my large Cro-magnon brain realizes that I can use my bottle opener keychain for something productive (rather than for its normal purpose, i.e. gaining access to Cro-magnon brain-killing chemicals).

Alex: 1, Bike: 0.

[nb, my spare tube was ripped at the valve stem so I ended up needing to call Mikey Brown for a ride home. Guess I need to stick a patch kit in there too.]

Alex: 1, Bike: 1, Planet Earth: 0