labrum repair, part 2

I tore my labrum in 1996 in a wrestling injury. Had surgery on it once, went through rehab, and promptly injured it again. My right shoulder has been extremely unstable since then, subluxing all the time, sometimes in my sleep.

So 13 years later, I finally decided to get it fixed. Again.

It was outpatient surgery, and unlike last time, completely arthroscopic. I’ve been resting since Monday, and am mostly off the Percocet now, although still easily fatigued. Luckily I have the best friends in the world and there’s been a steady stream of visitors bearing gifts of food. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

Becca, Jess, Devin, Mike, Knapik, Lindsay, Brett — thanks.

Why the torn labrum is baseball’s most fearsome injury

What is a Labrum/Labral Tear?

icy hot
My neutral position sling, from the future. Watch out Christian Bale!

dressing on
Tuesday am. I want to shower, which means taking off the dressing.

peel it off a bit
No pain, no gain. This was the worst part due to the extreme sticky nature of the dressing’s glue.

Almost done, although it took me 10 more minutes to get it off from this state, due to the extremely awkward position. I’m not gonna lie, I felt like puking after this from the pain.

like a bloody butterfly...
You can see all three ‘scope entry wounds here.

...emerged from its chrysalis
Like a bloody butterfly emerged from its chrysalis.