odometers 2008

Whoopsie, realized that I haven’t done my yearly public wank on mileage. Without further ado:

For 2007, I did…

  • tdi golf: 61,248, meaning I drove 9455 miles
  • trek 7600: 5744, meaning I bike commuted 1602 miles
  • giant ocr1: 1793, meaning I did 358 road bike miles
  • gary fisher marlin: not sure (computer still broken), but I think it was about 200 or so mtb miles

This year’s driving to biking ratio was 4.4:1. Last year was 4.2:1. Hrm, need to reverse that trend. I think I was driving to Summit County a bunch more this year, not to mention driving to Jackson Hole, etc.

“They’re all highway miles, really!”

Odometer data from previous years