nz / au mcd’s field report

One of my many weird personality quirks is that I like to eat at McDonald’s in every new country that I visit. Hey, since American “culture” is our biggest export, I figure I may as well check in on it and see how it’s doing in other countries…

First up, the mcd’s at MEL. They were no longer serving the Aussie burger, much to my disappointment, but they did have a tandoori chicken wrap! How odd. The flavor of the chicken was actually quite adequate, but there was a lot of disgusting mayo in there too. Blech.

Today, I dined at a combination BP petrol station / mcd’s in Wellington, NZ, and of course, I got the Kiwi burger, which is essentially a burger with a fried egg and a huge slice of pickled beet, which is perhaps the oddest combination of flavors I’ve had thus far in my experiments. Not being a huge fan of beets to begin with, I must say this was not my favorite burger. But if you like beets, I suppose it’d be good.

These are added to my list of other burgers I’ve eaten: the McRosti in Switzerland (a burger with basically a hashbrown on top, which is supposed to represent rosti potatoes) and a McPalta in Peru, which is a burger with avocado. Yum.

In Mexico, I ate some weird refried bean, cheese, and jalapeno pepper combination served on top of english muffin halves for breakfast food. Surprisingly, not too shabby.

One thing I really appreciate is getting proper ketchup while out of the country. I’m not a heavy ketchup user to begin with, but when I do use it, I’ve found that I really like the Heinz recipe. Other countries tend to add too much sugar or do other things that make the ketchup taste weird. Thanks to the McDonald’s corporation for going through the effort to spread good American ketchup across the world.