akka dakka

Spent the past few days wandering around Melbourne. After checking out of the expensive but crappy hotel that HP paid for, found a real gem of a hostel, called the Nunnery. Resplendant with religious relics, but I’m still undecided as to whether they’re ironic or genuine. Regardless, ’twas a good find.

One day, spent a few hours wandering around the Royal Botannical Gardens (everything is more magnificent when prefixed with “royal”). Another day was whiled away at the local rock gym (thought process: climbers are cool, I’ll go where they hang out — “Hi! I’m an American and I don’t want to invade your country! Wanna be friends?”). The few hours remaining ere boarding the flight to CHC were used to explore the Fitzroy section of Melbourne (far and away coolest part of the city; wish I’d discovered it earlier).

An observation: the shortcut approach to figuring out the cool part of the city (aka, where all the interesting people hang out) is to find the district highest in density of such things as all day brekky cafes and used book stores. Record shops and vintage clothing stores appear as corollaries, but aren’t as strong a predictor. If that sounds like too much work, just ask where the gay district is. Seriously. It works.

Your Aussie colloquialism for the day: AC/DC is referred to as “akka dakka”. I’m McLovin’ it.