$92 paella

I alluded to making paella a few posts ago. I used this seafood paella recipe, and it came out delicious. I’ll save you some time of reading through the comments by telling you the modifications I used for extra jawesomeness:

  • add one pound spicy chorizo and/or andoulllie sausage. Cook it like you would the chicken, and set it aside (just like the chicken).
  • double the amount of garlic and saffron
  • use arborio rice, not long-grain crap
  • instead of pimientos, just use roasted red peppers
  • only need one bottle of clam juice
  • omit peas
  • add crushed tomatoes
  • for the clams, use littleneck clams

As far as cooking instructions go, definitely do not put the seafood in for 45 minutes. Rather, put the shrimp. squid, and scallops in during the last 5-10 minutes of the baking stage. You’ll know it’s done when the shrimp turn pink.

After you put the soft seafood into the pan, you can then sautee the clams and mussels in a garlic, butter, white wine concoction. Shouldn’t take very long — maybe a few minutes at best. The shells are done when they open up. Add them to the pan and serve hot.