zen and the art of cannes celeb sightings

Ivana Trump at Cannes

The other thing we did while in Nice was to pop over to Cannes during the 60th anniversary of the famous film festival. We only wanted to stay for a little while to experience the zeitgeist, and so we weren’t planning on camping out near hotel entrances just for celebrity watching, but we got “lucky” (at least in one sense of the term) when we happened to see a bunch of paparazzi wielding bazooka sized cameras chasing after a blonde lady.

Of course, I had to join in the fun and followed them (although I stayed way to the back of the pack), and ended up snapping a shot of Ivana Trump and her horrible looking balloon lips. Ew.

Naturally, I had no idea whose picture I was taking, so when the flurry of activity was over, I just asked one of the “real” photogs, and he turned out to be pretty cool. So indirectly, I figured out a decent strategy if one was truly interested in seeing celebs at Cannes, without having to look at screening schedules, etc. Just hang out with the pro paparazzi, chat them up and make friends with them, and when they run after someone, just tag along for the ride.

It’s the fast track to pretending like you know what’s going on without knowing a thing.