wanna get my jungfrau on

We’re here in the Jungfrau valley in Interlaken, Switzerland, and it’s beautiful.

From Nice, we drove through Italy, spent a night in Torino, then crossed the border into Switzerland, with the goal of making it all the way to Interlaken. We had a brief detour in Gstaad and Saanen, two tiny ski hamlets that fit perfectly into this American’s sterotype of what Switzerland looks like, complete with cows and giant bells around their necks. What you don’t get from pictures, though, is the constant smell of manure in the valley. Oh well.

Now we’re in Interlaken, in the tiny town of Lautenbrunnen, where we’ll spend a day or two before heading to Zurich. Hopefully, the rain will let up soon. Perhaps being a rainmaker can be a lucrative side business for me — farmers ask me to come camp on their fields, and I’ll guarantee that it’ll rain on our tent.

That’s all for now.