nice is nice

‘Allo from the French Riviera!

In a previous episode, our heroes were headed south, to the Cote d’Azur region of France, in an attempt to find some beaches (preferably topless (although I shan’t mention exactly whose preference it was)) for some quality relaxation time.

The accommodations story has been interesting. We went from the world’s worst hostel in Aix-en-Provence (stay away from Hostel International hostels unless you thought the place they stayed during the first half of Full Metal Jacket looked pretty nice) to a great room with a view at the world’s best hostel in Nice (named Villa Saint Exupery, with lots of cute Little Prince motifs all around) and finally relegated to the worst room (the “emergency room” storage closet underneath the 24/7 bar/hangout for multitudes of fresh faced young Anglophones looking for their magical European hookup) in aforementioned world’s best hostel, due to a distinct lack of planning and booking ahead from yours truly (much to the frustration of Jenny).

But that’s neither here nor there. And in any case, Alex’s handy hostel survival tip #349834 is specifically designed for just this scenario, and the solution is to drink at least two bottles of 2003 Bordeaux (price: 5 euros) and then top off with as many of the el cheapo 1 euro beers as you can stomach, and I guarantee that you won’t even need ear plugs.

Continuing on with the story, we’ve spent the past few days getting intimately familiar with public transport in Nice, with the reward of lazing about on a few sun soaked beaches, one in Cap d’Ail (pronounced “cap die”), which is just west of Monaco, and the others in Cannes and Antibes.

Speaking of Cannes, the 60th anniversary film festival is occurring as we speak, and we wandered around for a bit today. The only celeb we saw was Ivana Trump, but there was tons of paparazzi who were suitably blase about it all (“oh yeah man, we were just shooting Quentin and Rose McGowan and now we’re just waiting for the next one, man…”), and much to my amusement, quite a few touts zipping around on Segways, hawking newspapers and oddly enough, HP kit.

The Grand Prix is this weekend in Monaco, but thankfully, we’re escaping the heat and crowds and headed towards my native environment, namely the mountains of Switzerland, near Interlaken.

That’s it for now.