Jenny’s MFA thesis show

Jenny had her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) thesis show on Friday, which bring a relieving end to a frantic, stress-filled few months. After writing her paper and defending it at orals, she had 2 out of 5 pieces done at that point, with only a few weeks to go before the show. Somehow, she managed to get the remaining 3 pieces done, and spent last Wednesday through Friday installing it all. In a show of solidarity, yours truly helped out on Thursday with the install, and we finally called it quits around 4 am or so.

Her show was a great success. People really enjoyed her pieces, as well they should have, given the creativity and playfullness present in all of her work.

On the selfish personal front, I’ll be glad to reduce the stress level in my life about a grillion notches and returning to a regular sleeping and eating schedule.

Oh, and if anyone is looking to hire a metalsmith, either to teach at University level or maybe just commission some pieces, give her a shout. Jenny’s blog is Jewelry Fool, and you can get her contact information there.