netflix notes

I recently joined the Netflix revolution, having resisted for quite some time due to a) inherent Asian cheapness but more importantly, b) fear of wasting all my time watching movies and never doing anything else, due to my addictive personality. Whatever the case, I’m a member now.

One of the things you can do on Netflix is to “add friends”. Although the signup process is stupidly cumbersome (hello Netflix, have you heard of Web 2.0 and the social network revolution?), once you have added a friend, you then get to see his/her queue and how many stars they gave to a movie (ie, their rating). Basically, it’s an easy way for you to compare with your buddies what you thought about movies.

A feature whose potential I didn’t first realize was the ability to leave “notes” for your friends. In essence, they are 200 character — not word — mini-reviews that you can write. I find the limitation quite refreshing and surprisingly liberating, as it forces you to condense your thoughts about the movie into a quick sound bite.

Here are several that I wrote recently.

I Am Sam

Penn unconvincing as retard. Formulaic, unplausible plot, Useful to screen out weepy, sheeplike friends accustomed to eating the shit crapped out by Hollywood. Get the soundtrack and be done.

Bukowski – Born Into This

Unwatchably slow. Do yourself a favor and just read his books instead.

Grizzly Man

Watch this and feel good about yourself for not being a) stupid and b) emotionally retarded. As a bonus, experience c) satisfaction at the self-chlorination of our gene pool.

21 Grams

Confusing editing does not equal clever editing. It’s like Pulp Fiction, but boring, stupid, and pointless. ffwd to Naomi Watts’ boobs, rub one out, and throw it back in your mailbox. Done.

Yep, I’ve gotten a few stinkers lately (with the exception of Grizzly Man).

Anyhow, if you’re on Netflix, add me to your friend list. The email address I used is netflix /at/ chizang /dot/ net.