Cameron Pass

Long and forever climbing with tons of traffic. It’s not the nicest climb out there due to a non-existent shoulder and heavy RV traffic, but it is challenging, and probably wouldn’t be too bad on a weekday. It never gets more than about 5% grade, but the sheer length — about 55 miles of climbing — is what makes it daunting. Finally, coming back down isn’t all coasting either, due to all the false flats and small rises that you don’t notice on the climb up, as well as the fact that there is usually a prevailing 20 mph headwind blowing up-canyon. Bottom line is, if you do this route, it’s a real accomplishment.

The topo below shows a descent after reaching the top of Cameron Pass, which is me going to the Crags Campground area just on the other side of the pass.

Cameron Pass overview

Cameron Pass detail