the shins

Yes, I suck because I haven’t been blogging much recently. In a desparate attempt to write something (anything), I am forced to pull up a week-old email and post it here while I try and get my writing brain back in order.

So last week, I went to go see The Shins, who were rocketed to fame after the movie Garden State came out. We drove down to the Fillmore in Denver which is a pretty cool venue.

I was scared at first that it was going to be a high school scream fest after seeing the kind of crowd developing outside, but it turns out that the older (read: over 21) crowd really showed up after the opener.

Speaking of which, The Brunettes opened, and they were really fun. Interesting sound, good stage presence with lots of silly goofing around, and having two hot girls in the band surely didn’t hurt. I actually ended up buying one of their cds, which is perhaps the first physical piece of music recording that I’ve purchased in about 3 years. You should buy it too (Mars Loves Venus).

The Shins were solid. Energetic, polished, and tight. You could tell that they’d been around the block a few times compared to the Brunettes (which is to be expected, natch). Still, I actually had more fun during the Brunettes.

Overall a great time, and the fact that I was home by midnight for bed was a bonus. (yes I’m getting old)