picture preview

I am slowly getting all the pictures online. Between the two of us, we ended up creating 2 GB worth of photos. Selecting through all those will take quite some time, but for my loyal blog readers, here’s a sneak preview. In fact, I encourage you to peruse them now, so that when I do send out my next mass email, my server won’t get hammered by *everyone* looking at *every* picture — you’ll already have seen the majority.

  • http://www.chizang.net/alex/gallery/buenos_aires — We stayed in Buenos Aires for a few sultry days, hung out with our friend Rob Knapik, ate a huge steak meal, and partied til sunrise with some newly made porte´┐Żo friends.
  • http://www.chizang.net/alex/gallery/cementario_recoleta — On an overcast day, Jules and I visited the Cementario de la Recoleta, the place where many of Argentina’s elite are buried. We saw some beautiful stained glass, Evita’s tomb, and a lot of cats, among other things.
  • http://www.chizang.net/alex/gallery/perito_moreno — One of the few advancing (or at least non-receding) glaciers in the world, we weren’t even planning on seeing this sight. However, after Jules sprained her ankle, we decided this would be a fun thing to go see, as it didn’t involve any walking. Turned out to be pretty damn cool.
  • http://www.chizang.net/alex/gallery/fitzroy — Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, our first trek. There are pleny of famous climbing mountains here, such as Cerro Torre and Monte Fitz Roy. Jules’ ankle was still busticated so I ended up with a super-heavy pack
  • http://www.chizang.net/alex/gallery/torres_del_paine — Jules and I did the shorter 5-day “W” circuit in el Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, famous for both los Torres and los Cuernos (horns). Getting up at 5 AM to make the 45 minute hike up to the Torres mirador (lookout) was well worth the effort.

So that’s the bulk of the pictures. Still missing are my shots from Tierra del Fuego and a few photo essays. Look for those in the coming days.