June 5-6, Lumpy Ridge

Apologies for the most likely dull entry here, but I decided that I should utilize the category feature of this blogging software, along with the fact that this is a journal of sorts. In other words, I’m going to write some short entries after climbing weekends just noting what we did and whatnot. These are going to be weekends which are not worthy of trip report status, and by definition, boring. But my anal-retentive personality dictates that I record my activities for posterity, and this is my blog, so I get to do whatever I want. In any case, just skip reading future entries in the “climbing” category if you want.

So anyhow, spent the weekend at Lumpy. I stayed at Whit’s house, which made things so much nicer, as she lives in Estes and thus the crag was only 5 minutes away. Saturday, we warmed up on Magical Chrome Plated Semi-Automatic Enema Syringe (5.7) on The Pear, which is the first rock west of the Book group, and it was a really enjoyable 2 pitches of climbing. Next up was Good Timing (5.9) and I thought it was pretty difficult. The first pitch has a runout slab to a 5.8+ roof section that I almost popped off of, and the second pitch involves 5.9 slab climbing past three bolts before escaping into an easy crack. That route just worked us over, and we called it quits after that.

Sunday, still feeling a bit fatigued, we just took it easy and climbed over on the Left Book. We only did one route — Hiatus (5.7+) — and it was mostly mellow with a few tricky spots on the first pitch. The beauty of living in Colorado is that you can just climb one route and then leave without feeling guilty that you’re leaving so much unclimbed rock behind.

Other notes — the approach to the Pear is much more mellow than the Book. Not saying that the Book approach is deathly brutal or anything, because it’s not, but the Pear approach is just that much easier. It’s also less crowded for sure, so I’m thinking we’re going to be climbing a bunch there in the next few weeks or so.