Do I dare admit to the entire internet that I read Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? A question that answers itself, I guess.

But yeah, wildly hilarious at times and only slightly sappy at others, overall it was a good book. The story revolves around flashback vignettes of the picaresque Ya-Yas , and the rich gumbo tapestry Wells weaves is a savory marinade for you to sit back and soak up.

My favorite passage from the story comes when Sidda finally resolves her conflicted inner feelings about both her mother and Connor:

The point is not knowing another person, or learning to love another person. The point is simply this: how tender can we bear to be? What good manners can we show as we welcome ourselves and others into our hearts?

Yeah, it’s cheesy, and perhaps I’m revealing the uncomfortable fact that I actually do have emotions, but hey — I’m cool with it, and if you’re bothered, you can go fuck yourself.