Mid-trip Doldrums


It’s been a while since my last communique, and so common sense would have you think that this email would be chock full of exciting adventures and mishaps.

Not so.

I left Huaraz a week ago for the tourist town of Cuzco, and my life has been nothing but mundane since. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to sell you something, whether it be a postcard, a shoeshine, a crappy watercolor, a meal, or something else.

In fairness, entrepreneurism and begging are only two points along a continuum, but frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of having to fend off all the locals out to make a quick sole ($0.33).

The city of Cuzco is brilliant, if one is a typical tourist and appreciates such cultural things as “art” and “ruins” and “history”. I am totally museum-ed out, and will probably break down whimpering and twitching if I have to look at yet another image of Christ being crucified.

Can’t wait to leave this town…